G2L® Window Systems

For the architects and Designers

G2L® features 100% clear visibility, low maintenance, and a comprehensive safety design. Throughout its design, we focused on architectural sustainability which will provide durability and satisfaction through many years of use. G2L® is applicable for both renovation and new construction projects. 

Details & Specifications

Virtual Walkthrough | G2L Window Systems

With G2L® Window Systems, we provide a service offering a customized virtual walkthrough to present a clear representation of the design and installation of the system. Our team is happy to tour your facility and discuss the framework for the dimensions and accessibility of the G2L® window system.

Virtual walkthrough

Virtual WalkThrough

Architectural Details & Specifications

Architectural Data | G2L Window Systems

G2L® Architectural Details

Please contact a G2L® representative to inquire about architecutral details, shop drawings, calculations, and enginerring.

G2L Specifications | RGC Glass Inc

G2L® Window Systems Specifications

Please contact a G2L® representative for window system specification information.

G2L® was purposely created for the sports enthusiast. The quality, functionality, and durability are core values to our success.
— Almon Blair, Designer and Vice President of RGC Glass, Inc.